Osoblažsko region

Osoblažsko is situated in Moravian-Silesian region of the Czech republic (district Bruntál) and main part of its boundaries consist of Czech-Polish state border, the remaining part of it is defined by railways from Město Albrechtice through Třemešná and Jindřichov to polish Głuchołazy. In botanical terminology, the "Osoblažsko region sensu stricto (s. str.)", is defined by this area, but "Osoblažský výběžek (headland)" includes also Janov and Petrovice and the border of Osoblažsko could be then defined as line between Město Albrechtice and Petrovice. If we include this land to Osoblažsko, we speak about "Osoblažsko region sensu lato (s.l."). I hope that you understand what is the matter.

Villages in Osoblažsko region fall within authority of cities Krnov (municipality with extended powers) and Město Albrechtice and village Osoblaha (municipality with authorized municipal office).
The villages are (from North) Slezské Pavlovice, Osoblaha (with Studnice), Hlinka (with Rylovka), Vysoká (with Bartultovice and Pitárné), Jindřichov (with Arnultovice), Dívčí Hrad (with its parts Sádek and Životice), Bohušov (with Dolní Povelice with Grundek, Karlov with Nová Ves, Kašnice and Ostrá Hora), Liptaň (with Horní Povelice and Bučávka), Rusín (with Matějovice and Hrozová), Slezské Rudoltice (with Amalín, Koberno and Víno) and Třemešná (with its parts Damašek and Rudíkovy). Moreover,Piskořov and Biskupice, which are parts of city Město Albrechtice, also belong to Osoblažsko region.

The main part of Osoblažsko region is connected by narrow gauge railway Třemešná-Osoblaha (see on picture down).

video of train rides (created by some visitor of region)

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